Australians looking for egg donation in South Africa

South Africa has grown as a highly attractive destination for reputable, quality and adorable egg donation services.  baby2mom has been serving Australian recipients travelling to South Africa since 2007.  Hundreds of possible egg donor profiles are available.  Many ladies are available to travel within South African provinces for recipients. 

Because of the logistics involved in extensive planning, South African fertility clinics are well equipped to aid and facilitate the planning of exact travel dates to accommodate both the recipient and donor.  baby2mom is also able to refer recipients to a reputable travel agent, who has extensive experience in the clinic locations and ideal tourism plans to support a life-changing trip to South Africa. 

Recommended areas

baby2mom has established relationships with all private fertility clinics in South Africa and can guide recipients on specific clinics per area.

Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa and recipients will find an amazing gem of an intimate caring kind fertility clinic to assist who truly goes the extra mile, where all efforts will always be made to achieve a pregnancy.  Phenomenal successes have been reported here and the clinic also has a very affordable pricing structure too.

Johannesburg is the economic hub of South Africa and at least two major fertility clinics are available.  One of these is connected to a clinic in Umhlanga, which provides recipients with some options.  If a donor is based in Durban (on the Kzn coast), then part of the treatment can happen in Johannesburg too as the branches work in synch.  Both these clinics have exceptional experiences with egg donation treatments.

When South Africa is mentioned, Cape Town automatically comes to mind with the captivating mountains, Winelands, seas and views.  Again two exceptionally renown fertility clinics are available to support treatments in the best interests of all parties.

Port Elizabeth is slightly less known area, but offers phenomenal treatment services for recipients.  They are known for really going the extra mile.

Durban/ Umhlanga also has two renown fertility clinics.  Refer to the information on Johannesburg about the one clinic.

baby2mom works hand-in-hand with the fertility clinics to look after donors and recipients. 

Why select baby2mom

baby2mom is the longest existing egg donation agency in South Africa, thus very established and secure to serve recipients from Australia.  Immediate access to the link to baby2mom egg donor profiles is provided where recipients are immediately able to see and download the full donor profile.  Recipients can access the full donor profiles view the full gallery of egg donor pictures.

baby2mom has always confirmed adherence to the SASREG (South African Reproductive Society of Reproductive Medina and Gynecological Endoscopy) and signed documents pertaining to this are noted on the baby2mom website.

With extensive experience, baby2mom can assist with shortlists of possible donors based on the required profile required.  These can be emailed and/ or Whatsapped to recipients.  Personal professional relationships are secured with recipients to offer the required support and keep recipients updated about the progress.

The baby2mom website has been modified to be user-friendly and enable mobi-friendly access as well.  This facilitates regular communication with recipients as is preferred.  The owner of baby2mom, Jenny, is always personally involved in every step of the egg donation process. 

Frequently asked questions

Q: Has baby2mom worked with Australian recipients previously?
A: Absolutely, baby2mom has extensive experience since 2007 in working with recipients from Australia.

Q: How will the logistics work as recipients are travelling from very far?
A: The fertility clinic can receive medical information from recipients online and some even offer skype appointments.  Upon the online assessment, the clinic will provide a detailed plan and guide recipients on obtaining medication.  All is planned and scheduled in advance very carefully with a consultation with the patient.  Medical staff are available to guide via email and phone.

Q: Can baby2mom guide or refer to possible clinics?
A: Of course – based on the preferred donor, relationship with clinics, etc – baby2mom will be able to guide on the preferred clinic.  baby2mom also works with the recipient’s preferred clinic and doctor.

Q: What about time differences?
A: As most correspondences are via email, messages are responded to within a couple of hours, so there is really no delay.  This does not impact the process at all.  In fact, at times most egg donation cycles are planned with Australian couples.

Success stories

baby2mom has established some strong relationships with Australian recipients where they have even returned a couple of years later to have treatment for a sibling.

baby2mom has success stories categorised per year going back in excess of ten years.

This one was particularly heartwarming:

Dearest Jenny,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to write a testimony for you. I’ve also enclosed a picture for you to post if you want.  We are so thankful and grateful that you have facilitated this miracle for us. Although we failed the first time a few years ago, we are so happy that we decided to try again.

You have helped us form our long awaited family!

Please convey our sincere gratitude and appreciation to our very generous and wonderful egg donor. She has given us our miracle and we finally have our own family after trying for 13 years!!

Your kind understanding and efficiency has always been beyond par and we are so blessed to have our beautiful baby boy with us – giving us constant joy, love and laughter everyday!

We are truly blessed! Ps 127:3 Children are a blessing from God, a reward from Him…

God bless you and your work!

A & E , Australia

Some beautiful Australian recipient babies

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