Third donation this year

It has been by far the best egg retrieval experience. I may not know the theatre staff, but thank you for the pain free procedure. I […]

Screening in Cape Town

Our donor visits the Hart Fertility Clinic in Cape Town. She is utterly impressed with everything. How beautiful is everything at this lovely clinic!

The sanctity of life

Preserving the sanctity of life, as the word of God guides.

Joy in helping families

Third time’s a charm. I continuously experience the joy of being part of this amazing journey. This already easy process become much easier with the assistance […]

Lighting another candle

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle One day l was scrolling down Facebook streets l came along baby2mom and l thought I would read […]

Family matters

A visit to Dr Diale was very beautiful seeing Jesus elevated as sovereign over all. The waiting room held a Bible, worship songs in the background […]

Love as Jesus loves us

Why our donor signed up: Three years ago my mother passed away, I was going through an extremely difficult time because her death was so sudden. […]

Helping a couple become a mom and dad

I took on an amazing opportunity to help out a couple with a donation. The couple chose me according to my features and specifications that suited […]

Going many extra miles

Jesus commands us to go the extra mile (Matt. 5:41), on Monday and Tuesday our donor really went many extra miles for her recipient. She was […]

Helping to dry tears

When I started the journey of becoming an egg donor, I never realised the depth of this process. I never realised that I would be answering […]

Deductible income tax expenses

Medical expenses can be added to your expenses for a tax deduction provided your expenses amount to the required percentage in terms of the Income Tax […]

Contributing to the joy of new life

I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of this amazing process to enable a loving mom to have a baby. I have a deep love […]

Becoming an egg donor

Becoming an egg donor has been one of the bravest things I’ve ever had to do. The honor of helping someone have a chance to experience […]

God provides to his children

Dear future Mom and Dad I would like to start this letter by saying thank you, and how much I’m grateful for people like you in […]

Donation after lockdown

Today was my first donation since before lockdown, everything was pretty much the same as before, except for the masks, sanitizing and temperature checks, which is […]

You have been in my prayers

Dear recipient You’ve been in my prayers and will continue to be in my prayers. I pray for this new season of your life and many […]

Covid testing for egg donations

I am currently busy with an egg donation, for the first time since lock down began. I have managed to get through this time without having […]

Durban Fertility Clinic

Visiting Dr Saigie Naidu and Dr Mahesh Bhana, with Kasturi from the Durban Fertility Clinic was a welcoming experience. Whilst awaiting the doctors, the wonderfully kind […]

To our dear angel

To our dear angel donor… Words can never express how thankful and grateful my husband and I are to you you for making such a selfless […]

Thank you my Creator

Is there a way to describe the love between a mother,father and child? I have had this opportunity before to donate and it always brings me […]
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