We have never met

To my recipient We have never met but we share an amazing connection. I know you’re an amazing person and will make an amazing mother. I […]

Donating at Tygerberg

Life’s been hectic this past week, my experience at Tygerberg was really good, I was a little surprised by the clinic as I have only donated […]

Egg donor confidentiality

Egg donors in South Africa sign up to anonymous egg donor treatment. Their counselling session is based around this and ladies are not required to maintain […]

What a phenomenal day

Our God reigns! A recipient couple asked a donor to help her after prayer and seeking God’s word. The beautiful donor first discussed with her husband. […]

Thyroid frequently asked questions


Oh how I adore him


What is faith


Jerusalema by Master KG

Lyrics: Jerusalema ikhaya lami(Jerusalem is my home) Ngilondoloze(Guard me) Uhambe nami(Walk with me) Zungangishiyi lana(Do not leave me here) Jerusalema ikhaya lami(Jerusalem is my home) Ngilondoloze(Guard […]


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Supporting life

Our pro life donor has this to say: Parenthood requires love not DNA, family is not defined by our genes,it is built and maintained through love. […]

From our donor this morning


Amazing grace

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Knowing this grace…

Hi Jenny Feeling good, feeling ready for a family vacation and feeling very firmly rooted in His love It’s a wonderful feeling, this Grace 🥰😍🙌🏻 Every […]

A very different donation

A very different donation… I embarked on the journey of donating my eggs for the 4th time, only this time, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Scary wouldn’t […]

Third donation this year

It has been by far the best egg retrieval experience. I may not know the theatre staff, but thank you for the pain free procedure. I […]

Screening in Cape Town

Our donor visits the Hart Fertility Clinic in Cape Town. She is utterly impressed with everything. How beautiful is everything at this lovely clinic!

The sanctity of life

Preserving the sanctity of life, as the word of God guides.

Joy in helping families

Third time’s a charm. I continuously experience the joy of being part of this amazing journey. This already easy process become much easier with the assistance […]

Lighting another candle

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle One day l was scrolling down Facebook streets l came along baby2mom and l thought I would read […]

Family matters

A visit to Dr Diale was very beautiful seeing Jesus elevated as sovereign over all. The waiting room held a Bible, worship songs in the background […]
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