Deductible income tax expenses

Medical expenses can be added to your expenses for a tax deduction provided your expenses amount to the required percentage in terms of the Income Tax […]

Contributing to the joy of new life

I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of this amazing process to enable a loving mom to have a baby. I have a deep love […]

Becoming an egg donor

Becoming an egg donor has been one of the bravest things I’ve ever had to do. The honor of helping someone have a chance to experience […]

God provides to his children

Dear future Mom and Dad I would like to start this letter by saying thank you, and how much I’m grateful for people like you in […]

Donation after lockdown

Today was my first donation since before lockdown, everything was pretty much the same as before, except for the masks, sanitizing and temperature checks, which is […]

You have been in my prayers

Dear recipient You’ve been in my prayers and will continue to be in my prayers. I pray for this new season of your life and many […]

Covid testing for egg donations

I am currently busy with an egg donation, for the first time since lock down began. I have managed to get through this time without having […]

Durban Fertility Clinic

Visiting Dr Saigie Naidu and Dr Mahesh Bhana, with Kasturi from the Durban Fertility Clinic was a welcoming experience. Whilst awaiting the doctors, the wonderfully kind […]

To our dear angel

To our dear angel donor… Words can never express how thankful and grateful my husband and I are to you you for making such a selfless […]

Thank you my Creator

Is there a way to describe the love between a mother,father and child? I have had this opportunity before to donate and it always brings me […]

The ultimate gift


Be fruitful and multiply

Right in the beginning of creation, in Chapter 1 of Genesis, God blessed male and female after he created them (v. 28). Then God said, “Be […]

Our egg donor’s diary

Had my first Injection with Sr Hanlie today as well ? Will be going on the Wednesday 17 June 2020 for the follow up and any […]

You are in good hands

Hi, so I donated today for my very first time. Yes I was nervous ALOT but every single person was super nice they made me very […]

Helping with happiness

Blog Piece: Has someone ever told you a story of how they’ve changed the lives of a family in the matter of a couple of weeks […]

My experience

Morning Jenny, Thanks so much and thanks again for this amazing opportunity! I will be donating to my stunning recipients today and I am so excited! […]

A season for all things

We know from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 that there is a season for all times in life. We cherish and revel in the good, but struggle and question […]

From our egg donor

Hi there! I am an egg donor with baby2mom and it has been the most wonderful, rewarding and fulfilling experience I could ever imagine. I wish […]

No stranger to online

While the world at large has been instructed and in some places compelled to go home and go online, baby2mom has been serving donors, recipients and […]

baby2mom open during lockdown

baby2mom Egg Donation has always served both donors and recipients supporting clinics in an online capacity, so this service continues. Ladies may still complete and update […]
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