To my recipient

To my recipient: Thank you for trusting me with such a big decision in your life. I wish you all the best and I pray that […]

God loves a cheerful giver

Dear recipient, I sit here this morning thinking of you. Today is a big day, a day you’ve been planning and waiting on. I don’t know […]

I want to bring happiness

Im 20, I’m single I’m not married. I am a very outgoing person and love to be around people. I’m very talkative and have so much […]

A little about me

Hi there ❤ You probably wondering what type of person I am and why I have chosen to be an egg donor, I will try sum […]

My received support as an egg donor

I am a 21-year-old African lady donor who donated eggs at the Medfem clinic in Bryanston, Gauteng, through the baby2mom organisation. I’m going to walk you […]

Die Here is altyd eerste in ons huwelik

Aan een ongelooflike spesiale mens Ek loop al lank met soveel gedagtes in my kop, oor hoe om vir jou dankie te se. Maar woorde beswyk […]

South Africa prays the ‘Our Father


Science and the Bible on Gender and Marriage


My beautiful blessing

I would like to thank God for being in my thoughts everyday. Something just came to me that I should do something good for someone. I […]

Egg donation and the Bible


Our donor’s video experience

Our donor shared a video experience of donating at Femicare Fertility,

I knew you

To my recipients, Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to become a part of your journey. In many ways this has personally fulfilled certain aspects […]

Donor experience

Being a donor has been the most fulfilling experience thus far. The mere thought of changing a families life and putting a smile on other peoples […]

My fourth donation

What a privilege to be part of such an incredible journey. My fourth donation was probably the best donation I’ve had thus far. This says a […]

Egg donor treatment gets started


It’s Friday, but Sunday’s comin’

It’s Friday Jesus is praying Peter’s a sleeping Judas is betraying But Sunday’s comin’ It’s Friday Pilate’s struggling The council is conspiring The crowd is vilifying […]

At this time – Holy Week

This week we reflect and remember Holy Week and come to our knees with thanks, humility and praise. Two thousand years ago, Almighty God endured the […]

When there has been a baby loss

In Jeremiah 19:4 God refers to the children that have been sacrified to Baal (v. 5) as innocent. The word innocent would mean not guilty and […]

Sisters in Christ

“I can’t have children, may you please be a donor to ladies with a similar situation as mine”, l remember our conversation clearly. We share a […]

May the LORD bless

Click on this link below … IMG_5027 Num 6:24  The LORD bless you and keep you; Num 6:25  the LORD make his face to shine upon you and […]