A complete privilege

This is absolutely one of the most amazing journeys I have ever had in my life. The whole journey begins with a phone call from an […]

Dear donor

Dear Donor, We cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts and taking the time to help us on our journey into parenthood. I know […]

Asked to donate

What an honour to be chosen as a donor, what an honour to help a family bring new life into the world. It all started with […]

Egg donor application form

Ladies please register to become an egg donor here. If you have already registered an account and need to return to login, please click here. If […]

Everyone has some kind of idea of what their procedure would be like and if whether they would be the perfect fit for the recipients? And […]

To my amazing recipient

I joined the agency in May this year and on Tuesday I received such amazing news from Jenny! A recipient asked me to be her donor […]

Umntu ngumntu ngabantu

Afternoon Jenny, here is my letter 😊 “Umntu ngumntu ngabantu” which basically means that another person is a person through other people. The phrase really played […]

Part of the plan

I donated for the first time last week and I must say it was quite a journey. I had so many people telling me not to […]

With God all things are possible

I first started donating in 2016…I came across people who made bad remarks about the donating my eggs but that never stopped me because all I […]

The biggest reasons I chose to donate my eggs is to give the gift of hope and life. It was never about the money and will […]

I love being an egg donor

So I have received the best news today. I have been part of baby2mom for many years now, this will be my second donation, and I […]

To my recipient

Thank you for choosing me to be part of your journey to motherhood. It is truly a blessing. Children are a blessing no matter how they […]

Jeremiah 29:11

I would like to thank you Jenny for allowing us as women to give these amazing couples the gift of a family. It all starts with […]


In my thirteenth year of egg donation, it is quite phenomenal to see how God works in our lives. I have seen the anxiety, pain, anguish, […]

Woman helping women

I have always wondered what people meant when they said that a child is a blessing. The little giggles and having a little person run after […]

About consenting to being an egg donor

Before consenting to an egg donation cycle, egg donors are encouraged to watch this video: 8B59ADD5-8212-4DF8-B2E5-8E3B14C21164 Then do their consent online here.

Excited to become an egg donor

It all started with me surfing through the internet that I came across egg donation. I never even knew something like it was done, I did […]

Fembryo in Port Elizabeth

Being received and hosted by the beautiful team at Fembryo Fertility Clinic in Port Elizabeth was a humbling and grateful experience. Fembryo occupies two old houses, […]

Trip to Cape Town

First off I would like to thank baby2mom for yet another great experience in helping me help another family. The trip to Cape Town has been […]

How does a donor express her feelings

How does one express their feelings when becoming an egg donor? My words may not justify my feelings … Being able to help someone create a […]
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