Egg donation motivation


Fertility show 2020

Friday and Saturday, 6 and 7 March 2020 saw South Africa’s first fertility show. It was lovely to see friends and colleagues all in one sitting! […]

Traveling to PE

Good day to baby2mom I just want to thank you 🙏 for my first trip to PE and looking after me so good. Then I would […]

Snippets of egg donor experiences

Snippets of egg donor experiences at IMG_3396 (Click on above link)

baby2mom as at the end of February 2020

It may be a good idea to find a summarised consolidation of baby2mom at the end of February 2020. baby2mom was initiated in 2007 by Jenny, […]

My trip to Cape Town for screening

I am not a first time donor, it is my second time. The family I am helping grow is further from home this time. They together […]

Why become an egg donor

I don’t see the donated egg as mine, it’s not. The fertilized egg is woven together in the mothers womb and a bond is formed between […]

Donor process went well

Ladies Ι am safe and thoroughly enjoyed this process. I am blessed to have been a part of it and pray that all goes well with […]

Our donor’s experience after traveling to Cape Town


My write-up

Below is my write up 🎀 I am a 27 mother of 2, who always wanted more children. The thought of a family struggling to conceive […]

Let go and let God

This is your moment… You have been waiting for this day in and day out. Every night you are awaiting this to become a reality. The […]

First time egg donor

My experience being a first time egg donor was very good, the side effects were not life altering, they were minimal. I would like to thank […]

Our donor’s first day experience presented so specially

Baby2Mom_Video of First day_28 Jan 2020

Being part of a miracle

I am 33 years old, and did my 1st donation 3 weeks ago. It all started with Jenny contacting me to say that I’ve been chosen […]

My story

MY EGG DONATION FEBRUARY 2020 MY STORY I have donated a few times now to some people it is hard to understand why I am donating […]

Our donor commits

I am so happy and blessed to be selected by parents in need What a lovely feeling it is to be able to take part in […]

Donating for seven years

People often ask me why I would donate eggs, whether I am afraid, and or if it’s about the compensation. I tell them when you have […]

Psychological screening

I am Lynette Dean, a Counselling Psychologist, with a special interest in Women’s Mental Health. Having been through an infertility struggle myself, I have empathy for […]

Able to help

17 December 2019 was my fourth donation, and my first time with Dr. Le Roux He is such an amazing doctor, very friendly and always made […]

A complete privilege

This is absolutely one of the most amazing journeys I have ever had in my life. The whole journey begins with a phone call from an […]
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