So rewarding being an egg donor

I’ve had the privilege of just completing my third egg donation, and with each donation the feeling of being able to help another becomes even more […]

Giving some one the gift of chance

The blessing started one afternoon when Jenny phoned me as I got home. Having donated before I knew the blessings were about to come my way. […]

What a journey!

Donating in Cape Town! My second time seeing all the lovely people who helped me throughout my first donation. Seeing a lot of new things and […]

God formed you in the womb

Sitting on our couch staring at my second born after she had just fallen asleep next to me, I studied her face and all of the […]

Being called for a reason

The Lord has called me to Cape Town for a reason and he knows my purpose in this journey. This is my second egg donation and […]

Part of baby2mom’s team

Today was the aspersion of my 3rd egg donation, and I cannot even begin to explain what a blessing it is to be able to be […]

Donating eggs from 2013 to 2019

Good Day Jenny I recently finished my 6th and final donation and I must say, I feel a bit of emptiness and sadness. I found baby2mom […]

Amazing journey

The egg donation journey is an amazing journey. I was so excited when Jenny contacted me the first time in January this year to tell me […]

I just want to help

If some one asks me to be their egg donor, I would love for them to know more about me personally. I would love for them […]

My second donation

So I have come to do my second donation, and just as the first time, it was so absolutely rewarding knowing that I am able to […]

A blessing

From Numbers 6:24-26, where the Lord said to Moses to bless the people: The LORD bless you and keep you; The LORD make his face to […]

Gonal F injections


My experiences since 2015

“This is my sixth and last donation. I am feeling a little emotional (although I think the hormones are making it worse 😉). I don’t really […]

Best thing I have ever done for a stranger

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